2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards v8.3.1

2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards v8.3.1 is available as of today.   

  • All 2Ring customers are highly encouraged to contact 2Ring support and proactively request upgrade to 8.x release to benefit from the significantly improved admin user experience. Most 2Ring customers can get their wallboards upgraded under their existing support coverage without any additional charges. All existing customers can ask for their wallboards to get upgraded by opening a ticket requesting an upgrade here. 
  • Unrestricted access to our public demo environment with DW 8.2 can be requested here. Test drive the user experience as an admin of the “Demo Business Unit.” To test with our demo data, you will not have to install anything anywhere. To use your own data, feel free to contact us to inquire about a proof-of-concept deployment. 


What's New in DW 8.3? 

  • We are introducing "Peak Licenses Consumed" KPIs. Administrators can be alerted when they are approaching their license count - alerts can be delivered via email or directly to their IM clients (Discord, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex). This also means that this information is no longer available on the diagnostics tab of each connector. 
  • Layout Editor can display descriptions of KPI and Grid calculation functions as well as grid calculation function columns. 
  • KPI calculation function parameters can declare dependency on grid calculation function parameter and grid calculation function column. 
  • Grid calculation function parameters can have metadata. 
  • Minimum supported Windows and SQL server versions have been changed to 2016. 
  • Data encryption now uses AES256 keys, protected by RSA. 
  • DP API is now only used for cookie encryption. 
  • Various security fixes. 
  • Login session length can be configured by the admin (previous versions came a fixed length of XY minutes/days). 


What's New with Cisco UCCX (Express) Connector? 

  • The connector now enables for a customer to choose if Agent State Detail table or Agent State Detail Snapshot table with 'Use ASD Snapshot' parameter should be used. This is available for deployments with UCCX 11.6 and above. 
  • Added a new KPI: "Calls - Offered With a Call Variable for Applications" 
  • Added a new column for the CSQsCurrentCalls grid called "DurationInQueue" 
  • Added support for collecting wrap-up data for UCCX 12.5+ 
  • Bug fixes 


What's New with Cisco CUCM (CallManager) Connector? 

  • ExtensionsStatistics Grids and Extension KPIs (i.e. "for Ext") can now also include calls that are currently in progress in addition to calls that already concluded 
  • Added two new KPIs, Calls - "Ringing Outbound for Ext" and "Calls - Ringing Inbound for Ext" 
  • Added two new grid columns to the ExtensionsStatistic grid, "CallsRingingOutbound" and "CallsRingingInbound" 


What's New with Cisco PCCE (Packaged) and UCCE (Enterprise) Connector? 

  • Added a new license filter - it is also nowpossible to work with calltypes (on top of excluding skillgroups and precision queues) 
  • The connector now calculates Agent state KPIs (e.g. Agents - Ready) in memory when 'Enable In-Memory Calculations' parameter is enabled. The connector now pre-processes parameters for Agents Grids in memory when 'Enable In-Memory Calculations' parameter is enabled 
  • Removed CallHistory Grid 
  • Added new Grids 
    • CallVariables 
    • WrapupWordCloud 
  • Added new KPIs 
    • Calls - Abandoned In Ringing for Precision Queues 
    • Calls - Abandoned On Hold for Precision Queues 
    • Calls - Abandoned In Ringing for Teams 
    • Calls - Abandoned On Hold for Teams 
    • Calls - Abandoned In Ringing for Skill Groups 
    • Calls - Abandoned On Hold for Skill Groups 
    • Calls - Answer Wait Time for Call Types 
    • Agents - Active 
    • Agents - Average Inbound Hold Time 
    • Agents - Not Active 
    • Agents - Unknown 
    • Calls - Longest Wait Time for Call Types 
    • Diag - Iteration Duration 
    • Diag - Licenses Consumed 
    • Agents - Dialer Average Handle Time 
    • Agents - Dialer Average Reservation Time 
    • Agents - Dialer Calls Connected 
    • Calls - Average Hold Time for Call Types 
    • Calls - Service Level Half for Call Types 
  • Added new columns to PrecisionQueues, Teams and Skillgroup grids 
    • CallsAbandonedInRinging 
    • CallsAbandonedOnHold 
  • Added a new column to Agents grid 
    • CallsAbandonedOnHold 
    • CallsIncomingOnHold 
    • SumIncomingCallsOnHoldTime 
    • DialerAverageHandleTime 
    • DialerAverageReservationTime 
    • DialerCallsConnected 
    • DialerSumHandleTime 
    • DialerSumReservationTime 
  • Added new columns to CallTypes grid (plus added a new grid parameter - "Agents") 
    • UniqueAgents 
    • AverageHoldTime 
    • ServiceLevelHalf 
    • ServiceLevelTo5 
    • Removed "AverageAnswerWaitTime" 
  • Added CallTypes, Precision Queues, SkillGroups and Teams paramaters to many of the existing KPIs 


What's Next? 

2Ring will be adding a connector for Five9 platform and extend the use of 2Ring Cloud to those customers who use cloud based data sources, such as Amazon Connect, Cisco Webex Contact Center, Five9, and ServiceNow (2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards for Genesys Cloud is already available in 2Ring Cloud).

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