2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse v3.7

2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse is a set of simple, open, and smart tools for improving productivity and user experience across all Cisco Contact Center platforms (Express, Enterprise, and Packaged UCCE). To see what 2Ring can do for your contact center, schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

This is a smaller release that adds features that customers have requested. Stay tuned for details on the 4.0 release later in 2018.

What's New in 3.7?

  • Reskill Agents in Cisco Finesse – introducing a brand-new Skilling App for Cisco Finesse on UCCE v11 (Skillgroups) that allows supervisors to create a set of queues that can then be applied/removed from agents’ profiles at once. Optionally, agents can be allowed to reskill themselves quickly in Team gadget.
2Ring Skilling Profile App
  • Pick Teams Listed in Team Gadget – configure, using a blacklist or a whitelist, which foreign teams will be visible to agents in the gear/settings icon and thus what teams can be listed in Team Gadget.
  • Restrict Supervisors - in previous releases, Supervisors could access profile apps (including state and call history, current call detail) for all agents/supervisors. This release adds the option to limit supervisors’ access only to details about the agents that the supervisor supervises.
  • Benefit from Many Additional Minor Improvements:
    • When displaying Agent Roster in the “Agent State or Reason” mode, the reason is not revealed anymore if CanAgentsSeeOtherAgentStateDetail is set to false.
    • Profile apps can block a profile switch if some unsaved changes would be lost.
    • Dialog Gadget - all connectors now indicate their connection status on their tab.
    • Copy Log Button has been added to Log outputs of all gadgets.
    • Show Log functionality uses a bigger window to better accommodate error output.
    • CRM Connector - MS Dynamics CRM: Read Entity and Delete Entity workflow action added.
    • CRM Connector – Salesforce: Some requests fail after the authentication expires (BugFix).

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2Ring, a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, has been active in the field of services for contact centers and IP telephony since 2001. 2Ring is mostly known for 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse – a solution that creates a truly unified work space for contact center agents, improves collaboration within the contact center, and via the use of 2Ring Compact Agent, also brings back-office and remote experts within agents’ reach. However, Cisco resellers should explore the entire suite of 2Ring solutions, which also includes 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards (real-time reporting application), 2Ring Scripts & Forms (guiding scripts and wizards for call center agents to follow), 2Ring Phone Services, and 2Ring Call Accounting. For further info, please visit www.2Ring.com.

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2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse is a set of simple, open, and smart tools for improving productivity and user experience across all Cisco Contact Center platforms (Express, Enterprise, and Packaged UCCE).

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