2Ring and the Cisco Partner Summit, Boston, MA, June 4-6, 2013

We are truly sorry that we will not hear Cisco’s vision of “the Internet of everything [VIDEO]  in person and discuss with Cisco and Cisco resellers how Cisco is transforming this vision into its portfolio, specifically Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio – Contact Centers.


For a few weeks, it looked like we, a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer Partner, would be able to send one representative to the Cisco Partner Summit 2013 in Boston, an event that isorganized to celebrate Cisco resellers. We, 2Ring, do not resell Cisco technology, but our solutions complement it and make it even more attractive. A good example is 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse that we will present during the same week at the Cisco Collaboration 10 Technical Pre-Release Training  in San Jose.


Since we cannot attend the summit in person this year, we decided to attend the summit virtually and share our thoughts via a few blogs and also via conversations on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or even Google+. Connect with us and we promise we will only post good stuff about Contact Centers and Unified Communication. And if you want to meet face to face and discuss where the world is heading, let’s meet at Cisco Live! 2013 in sunnyOrlando, FL. We will be there as we’ve been for the past three years ([INFOGRAFIC] about2Ring History at #CLUS click right here), and we look forward to continuing any discussions started over the Internet or social media.


Key words: Executive networking, channel strategy, technology updates, business leadership development 

Posted by Matej Mikle Barat

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